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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I afford to pay you when I don't have enough money?

I understand it is a leap of faith to spend additional resources when you already feel like you're drowning, but think of it as buying a much-needed life preserver. It's an investment in yourself that will pay back dividends for many years to come. Getting your finances under control for good will greatly reduce stress from your life in the short term, and can completely change your future in the long term. Where will you be financially in 5 years *without* a coach? In fact, it's common that after reviewing your numbers I will find more money in your budget than the price of my session!

My bills are paid and I'm saving for retirement. Why would I consider a money coach?

You feel like everything is OK because payments are being made on time. But maybe you feel like you're not where you want to be financially. Not sure if you are saving enough to retire....someday. Wish you could go back to school, switch careers, or have one parent stay home -but need that paycheck. Sick of that student loan and revolving credit card balance. Turn your income into a well-oiled machine aimed directly at your priorities.

How does your coaching program work exactly?

 Every new client to start with an informational session because it is difficult to deliver really substantial results without seeing the whole picture. This session includes significant prep work upfront, a 1-2-hour call, and materials I prepare specifically for you that are yours to keep. During the call, we review everything in detail, leaving plenty of time for questions. From there, you can choose to implement the strategies we talk about on your own or consider a follow-up coaching package for additional accountability and progress, which we can discuss during our meeting. I offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and answer any other questions you may have before committing to this session!

Are you just going to tell me to cut my cable and stop eating out?

No! We all make choices with our money, and I don't judge. That said, you might say you’ve always wanted to go to Europe but could never find the money, so to make that happen - you choose to cancel cable the next day. Or, you really love watching movies and you decide you're going to take the money you mindlessly spend at Starbucks and instead upgrade to the fattest cable package with every channel known to mankind. Money management is not about deprivation - quite the opposite! A financial coach helps you define these priorities and make the most of your hard-earned income. There are so many options besides the obvious!

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